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Autumn (September-November)

Yattokame cultural festival

The festival is held to discover and spread Nagoya’s allure to the world, which has a long history and rich culture.

“Tsuji Kyogen”*1, “Tea ceremony party”, Maiko/Geiko traditional dance*2, Noh play*3 and a wide variety of Nagoya's traditional entertainment will be played in many areas around Nagoya. The play performances and popular entertainments are at Osu Engeijo theater, Oasis21 and more.  “Machinaka Terakoya”*4 which you can learn traditional culture and the historical walking tours will be the valuable experiences of Japanese culture for you. Some of the performances is free admission!

*1 Kyogen: a form of traditional Japanese comic theater.
*2 Maiko/Geiko: Women professional entertainers who attend guests during meals, banquets and other occasions. (Meal is not included)
*3 Noh: a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century       
*4 Terakoya: private educational institutions during the Edo period

Schedule29th of October 2016~20th of November 2016
PlaceOasis 21(Sakae sta.), Nagoya Noh Theater(10 min. walk from Sengencho station), Osu Engeijo theater(5 min. walk from Osu Kannon sta.) and more.
URLhttp://www.yattokame.jpExternal Link

Autumn leave viewing around Nagoya

Autumn tints the trees with bright hues and the season of colorful foliage begins.
See particularly beautiful scenes with autumn leaves at Tokugawaen, Shirotori Garden,
Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Nagoya Castle and so on!

【Tokugawaen】 http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/see/facilities/the_tokugawa_art_museum.html

【Shirotori Garden】 http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/see/facilities/shirotori_garden.html 

【Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens】 http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/see/facilities/higashiyama_zoo_and_botanical_gardens.html

ScheduleMid-November to Early December
URLhttp://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/see/floralinfo/External Link


This event was created to promote Nagoyameshi(speciality food of Nagoya).

Ticket of 3000 yen(620 yen ticket ×5) and ticket of 1240 yen (620 yen ticket×2) is available
at Oasis 21 center, Kanayama Tourist Information Center and some hotels.
(They do not sell them at Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center.)

It is less expensive during this period.

Schedule1st of October 2016~13th of November 2016
Placeparticipating restaurants
URLhttp://www.nagoyameshi-expo.com/External Link
Admission FeeTicket of 3000 yen(620 yen ticket ×5) and ticket of 1240 yen (620 yen ticket×2)

1 Day Walking tour in Nagoya -Discover Samurai City Nagoya!!-

(c)2009Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-Tai Secretariat

1day city tour to enjoy Nagoya's 10 attractions is newly available.
You can discover Nagoya's history, culture, cuisine, entertainment, shopping and so on.
A national licensed English speaking guide will help you to make your trip special and valuable in Nagoya.

Tour Point    Nagoya castle: Guide about Samurai, Castle, Architecture
                     Sakae: Enjoy lunch (Nagoya local cuisine), shopping and high-tech culture in downtown 
                                Experience local life such as subway
                     Osu:    Pop culture, shopping, entertainment such as Karakuri performance at Osu shopping arcade.
                                Visit temples and shrines.

Minimum Participants     2 to 8 people

Included                         Guide, entrance and public transportation fees. 

Not Included                   Lunch 

Reservation                    Tourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm)
                                       Email   reservation@tourismdesigners.com
                                       TEL     050-3634-4574  (English & Japanese)

Private Tours available daily. 
Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people

Discover Samurai City 1 Day Tour (Tour brochure)   Nagoya 1day Tour.pdf

Scheduleupon your request,9:00am - 3:30pm (Please be ready 10 minutes before tour start time)
Place<Meeting Place> Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center
AccessNagoya Station Tourist Information Center http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/icenter/
TEL050-3634-4574 (English & Japanese)
URLhttps://www.facebook.com/tourismdesignersExternal Link
Admission Fee8,800 JPY per person
(Private Tours available daily. Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people)
ContactTourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm) Email reservation@tourismdesigners.com

Nagoya Festival

Nagoya Festival is the biggest autumn event in Nagoya. It includes a parade with more than 700 participants, some of whom play the roles of local heroes, including the three national heroes—Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu—and bears a remarkable resemblance to a picture scroll from those days. Various events, such as dances and concerts, are performed in and around Hisaya-Odori Park, while other fun events take place all around the city of Nagoya.

Schedule15th & 16th of October 2016
URLhttp://www.nagoya-festival.jp/?page_id=932External Link
ContactNagoya Festival Promotion Association

Osu Street Performing Festival

The Osu Street Performing Festival includes such street performances as saru mawashi (monkey tricks) and banana no tatakiuri (bananas sold the traditional Japanese way) as well as unique performances that include rock music Kabuki and a kinpun show (a show using gold dust). One performance you mustn’t miss the parade of oiran (courtesans) wearing beautiful clothes. 

PlaceOsu Shopping district
AccessKamimaezu station on Tsurumai/Maijo line OR Osu Kannon station on Tsurumai line
ContactOsu Shopping District Association

Chrysanthemum Dolls of Nagoya Castle

This is one of the famous autumn events at Nagoya Castle. Beautifully colored dolls wearing clothing made from chrysanthemums are displayed. These doll exhibitions are based on a different theme each year, giving visitors a new and entertaining experience each time. An exhibition of hundreds of chrysanthemum bonsai (potted trees) gathered from all around Aichi Prefecture is held at the same time. Bonsai with a chrysanthemum with a diameter of 2 meters from its root will sometimes be displayed. Please come and see these Japanese traditional arts, which we are proud to show not just in Nagoya but the whole world.

ScheduleLate October - Late November
PlaceNagoya Castle
URLhttp://www.nagoyajo.naka.nagoya.jpExternal Link
Admission FeeAdmission fees apply
ContactNagoya Castle Management Office
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