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Spring (March-May)

Wakamiya Festival

This festival is held at Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine, Sochinju (a general village shrine) in Nagoya as a big annual festival. The Fukurokuju-sha is a float registered as a cultural property and is very valuable in that it carries four wind-up dolls. Shinyotogyo-Dashihoei (a Shinto ritual to carry a portable shrine and a float) was resumed at the 1985 festival. When the procession of floats are brought out and carried through Nagoya, it resembles ancient picture scrolls showing the traditional ritual.

ScheduleMay 15th and 16th
PlaceWakamiya Hachiman-sha (Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine)
URLhttp://www.ohsu.co.jp/wakamiya.htmlExternal Link
ContactWakamiya Hachiman-sha (Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine)

Belgian beer festival

Besides music and some traditional Belgian foods, you can enjoy more then 10 different kinds of Belgian beer.

Great opportunity to experience Belgian culture in Nagoya.

Schedule27th of April to 8th of May
PlaceHisaya Hiroba(inside Hisaya Odori Park, in front of Matsuzakaya department store)
Access5 minutes walk from Sakae station or Yaba-cho station
URLhttps://belgianbeerweekend.jp/ja/city/nagoya/viewExternal Link

Night aquarium

【From 29th of April to 6th of May
During this period, they extend hours till 20:00 pm and admission fee would be 20% off from regular fare.
Night performance of Dolphin is very fantastical under the lighting.

ScheduleFrom 29th of April to 6th of May
PlaceNagoya aquarium
AccessFive minutes walk from Nagoya port station of Meijou line
URLhttp://www.nagoyaaqua.jp/External Link
Admission Feeadults and over 16-year-old: 2000yen(1600yen)
elementary and junior high school students:1000yen(800yen)
kids over 4-year-old:500yen(400yen)
(Night time)

Noritake Garden ~colorful carp streamer KOINOBORI in the forest~

Gorgeous 50 colorful KOINOBORI,carp streamer float in the sky!

Koinobori is a symbol for Children's Day of May 5th, celebrating childrens
good health and bright future.

You will be completely fell in love with those brilliant carps in the sky.



ScheduleFrom the beginning of April to the end of May
PlaceNoritake Garden
Access5 minutes walk from Kamejima station on Higashiyama line.
URLhttp://www.noritake.co.jp/mori/External Link
Admission Feefree

1 Day Walking tour in Nagoya -Discover Samurai City Nagoya!!-

(c)2009Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-Tai Secretariat

1day city tour to enjoy Nagoya's 10 attractions is newly available.
You can discover Nagoya's history, culture, cuisine, entertainment, shopping and so on.
A national licensed English speaking guide will help you to make your trip special and valuable in Nagoya.

Tour Point    Nagoya castle: Guide about Samurai, Castle, Architecture
                     Sakae: Enjoy lunch (Nagoya local cuisine), shopping and high-tech culture in downtown 
                                Experience local life such as subway
                     Osu:    Pop culture, shopping, entertainment such as Karakuri performance at Osu shopping arcade.
                                Visit temples and shrines.

Minimum Participants     2 to 8 people

Included                         Guide, entrance and public transportation fees. 

Not Included                   Lunch 

Reservation                    Tourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm)
                                       Email   reservation@tourismdesigners.com
                                       TEL     050-3634-4574  (English & Japanese)

Private Tours available daily. 
Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people

Discover Samurai City 1 Day Tour (Tour brochure)   Nagoya 1day Tour.pdf

Scheduleupon your request,9:00am - 3:30pm (Please be ready 10 minutes before tour start time)
Place<Meeting Place> Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center
AccessNagoya Station Tourist Information Center http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/icenter/
TEL050-3634-4574 (English & Japanese)
URLhttps://www.facebook.com/tourismdesignersExternal Link
Admission Fee8,800 JPY per person
(Private Tours available daily. Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people)
ContactTourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm) Email reservation@tourismdesigners.com

Nagoya Castle Spring Festival

Nagoya castle is one of the most popular place to enjoy Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flowers in Nagoya.
There are over 1,000 sakura trees in many varieties, during the full bloom period there is special lighting available to enjoy the sakura flowers in the evening.
Many events are scheduled to be held on weekend such as The Koto (Traditional Japanese stringed instruments) concert, Japanese Taiko drum performance and Japanese tea ceremony.

ScheduleFrom the end of March to the middle of April
(Special lighting during the even, Open until 7:30 PM. Entrance to the castle tower closes at 7 PM )
PlaceNagoya Castle
AccessSubway Meijo-Line Shiyakusho station
Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Me-Guru Nagoya Castle station
URLhttp://www.nagoyajo.city.nagoya.jp/13_english/index.htmlExternal Link
Admission FeeAdults: 500yen / Under junior high school students: free
ContactNagoya Castle Management Office

Cherry blossom viewing at Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

3,800 cherry trees (Yoshino cherry trees, wild cherry trees, curcumas, and other varieties) are beautifully blooming around the entire park.

ScheduleLate March to early May
PlaceNagoya Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
AccessSubway Higashiyama Line Higashiyama-Koen station, 3 miniute-walk from Exit 3
Admission FeeAdults: 500yen
ContactNagoya Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Weeping Cherry Blossom Festival

Togoku san Fruits Park is the most famous weeping cherry trees(Shidare-zakura) viewing spot in Nagoya, there are over 1,000 trees blooming at the park. 
Weeping Cherry Tree usually bloom about a week later Somei-Yoshino Cherry bloomed, and has more vivid pink flowers.

During the festival period, various fruits are available to purchase, food stalls, bounce house, and jugling performance are scheduled to be held.

ScheduleEarly April (9 AM - 4:30 PM) *No closing day during this period
From the beginning of March to the middle of April
PlaceTogokusan Fruits Park
AccessTake City Bus to "Togokusan Fruits Park" from "Fujigaoka" station or "Obata" station, 13 minute-walk from the bus stop
URLhttp://www.fruitpark.org/External Link
Admission FeeFree

Tagata Shrine Hounen Matsuri

On March 15th each year, large numbers of tourists from across Japan and from around the world flock to experience this famous fertility festival. A large male phallus, representing Heaven, and a female counterpart, representing Earth, are worshipped in order to obtain fertile soil, a bountiful harvest, and offspring.

ScheduleMar. 15th
Place152 Tagata, Komaki-shi, Aichi-ken
URLhttp://www.tagatajinja.com/pg18.htmlExternal Link
ContactTagata Shrine

Travel Fair in Nagoya

This festival is a big event in Nagoya in spring. Information about domestic and foreign travel is made available in one place, so visitors can become acquainted with fun and notable vacation opportunities. In addition to obtaining travel information prior to the spring peak season, visitors can see and touch traditional arts, unique products and local goods from different parts of Japan at the festival. Many visitors from inside and outside Nagoya are expected every year.

PlaceHisaya-Odori Park
URLhttp://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/External Link
ContactNagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
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