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Summer (June-August)

Satsuki Azalea

Starting Saturday, May 21, the Satsuki Azalea Competition will begin at Nagoya Castle! Around 300 Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Trees will give beautiful color to the early summer Nagoya Castle.

Satsuki Azalea

・Blooming Period: From May 10 to around June 20

・Named after the old lunar calendar month it blooms, Satsuki (May)

・Species of Rhododendron indicum, a type of azalea

・Japanese Language of Flowers meaning: Cooperation

Dates: Saturday May 21 to June 5, 2016
Location: Nishinomaru Area, Nagoya Castle 
We look forward to seeing you there!

ScheduleSaturday May 21 to June 5, 2016
PlaceNagoya castle
AccessSubway Meijo-Line Shiyakusho station
Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Me-Guru Nagoya Castle station
URLhttp://www.nagoyajo.city.nagoya.jp/13_english/index.htmlExternal Link

Aichi Triennale 2016

Aichi Triennale is an international art festival. About 80 artists from inside and outside of Japan get together.
This event takes place in many different places in Nagoya city, Toyohashi city, Okazaki city.  You will encounter
fabulous arts, performing arts, etc in the city.

Schedule11th of August 2016~23rd of October 2016 (for 74 days)
PlaceNagoya, Toyohashi, Okazaki
URLhttp://aichitriennale.jp/english/index.htmlExternal Link

1 Day Walking tour in Nagoya -Discover Samurai City Nagoya!!-

(c)2009Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-Tai Secretariat

1day city tour to enjoy Nagoya's 10 attractions is newly available.
You can discover Nagoya's history, culture, cuisine, entertainment, shopping and so on.
A national licensed English speaking guide will help you to make your trip special and valuable in Nagoya.

Tour Point    Nagoya castle: Guide about Samurai, Castle, Architecture
                     Sakae: Enjoy lunch (Nagoya local cuisine), shopping and high-tech culture in downtown 
                                Experience local life such as subway
                     Osu:    Pop culture, shopping, entertainment such as Karakuri performance at Osu shopping arcade.
                                Visit temples and shrines.

Minimum Participants     2 to 8 people

Included                         Guide, entrance and public transportation fees. 

Not Included                   Lunch 

Reservation                    Tourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm)
                                       Email   reservation@tourismdesigners.com
                                       TEL     050-3634-4574  (English & Japanese)

Private Tours available daily. 
Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people

Discover Samurai City 1 Day Tour (Tour brochure)   Nagoya 1day Tour.pdf

Scheduleupon your request,9:00am - 3:30pm (Please be ready 10 minutes before tour start time)
Place<Meeting Place> Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center
AccessNagoya Station Tourist Information Center http://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/icenter/
TEL050-3634-4574 (English & Japanese)
URLhttps://www.facebook.com/tourismdesignersExternal Link
Admission Fee8,800 JPY per person
(Private Tours available daily. Basic fee: 28,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY per person for a groud tour of up to 8 people)
ContactTourism Designers Tour Desk (10:00am - 5:00pm) Email reservation@tourismdesigners.com

Tsutsui-cho/ Dekimachi Tenno Festival

This is an old local festival in which five preserved festival floats are pushed around a local neighborhood. The highlight of the festival occurs at around 11 am on the Sunday of the festival when the floats gather in the courtyard outside Tokugawaen. The karakuri mechanized dolls on each float then come to life and play traditional music. Many festival stalls are set up in front of the gate of Kenchuji Temple, which was the family temple of the Tokugawa Family.

ScheduleThe first Saturday and Sunday of June
PlaceTsutsui-cho, Tokugawaen

Atsuta Festival (Shobusai Festival)

The Atsuta festival is the biggest festival among the approximately 70 events held at Atsuta Shrine each year. An imperial envoy is sent to the shrine to offer goheimotsu (strips of white paper for Shinto rituals). Atsuta Shrine and its environs are filled with such attractions as kentou makiwara (light tributes tied with straw), fireworks at Jingu Koen (Shrine Park), various martial arts and entertainment competitions, and kodomo mikoshi (portable shrines for children).

ScheduleJune 5th
PlaceAtsuta Shrine
ContactAtsuta Shrine

Arimatsu Shibori (Tie-Dying) Festival

The Arimatsu Shibori Festival is held annually all around Arimatsu. Old-fashioned stores and houses still remain along the Tokaido road. The shops for tie-dyed products on the main roads are reproduced from the Edo period. Additionally, demonstrations of tie-dying, tie-dying lessons for visitors, and parades are performed. 

Schedule4th and 5th of June
PlaceArimatsu district
URLhttp://www.shibori-kaikan.com/kaikan-e.htmlExternal Link
ContactArimatsu-Narumi Tie-Dying Museum

Nagoya Castle Summer Night Festival

This festival illustrates the atmosphere of Japanese festivals in the olden days, primarily using the chochin (paper lanterns) that are used during the Obon holidays. You will enjoy bon dancing (which varies in style according to region in Japan), a beer garden, and fair booths (a common scene at Japanese festivals) for a fun night in Nagoya. Also, as the festival is held at Nagoya Castle, it is unique in that visitors are given a close-up view of Nagoya Castle, the main keep of which is open and illuminated at night. Nagoya Castle makes this festival an experience out of the ordinary.

Schedule5th of August-15th of August
PlaceNagoya Castle
URLhttp://nagoya-castle-summer-festival.com/External Link
Admission FeeAdmission fees apply
ContactNagoya Castle Management Office

Nagoya Port Festival

The main site for the Nagoya Port Festival is Garden Futou (wharf) at the Port of Nagoya. Visitors can enjoy various types of events related to the sea at the festival. The last event of this festival is a fireworks display. The sky is beautifully filled with fireworks, including a “melody hanabi” performance (fireworks synchronized with music).

PlaceNagoya Port
URLhttp://www.nagoya-port-festival.com/External Link

World Cosplay (Costume Play) Summit

The manga , anime , and console games of Japan are popular all over the world.
Every year , fans from many countries come to Nagoya to compete by performing as characters from these source. The contestants also show off their costumes in a parade through Osu.

Schedule30th of July 2016 to 7th of August
PlaceOsu and Oasis21, Sakae
URLhttp://www.worldcosplaysummit.jp/en/External Link
ContactAichi Television Broadcasting Co., LTD.

Osu Summer Festival

This is a very lively festival held in Osu district. The Osu Summer Festival is always a great success. There are so many active events, including Osu-daiko (drums), a samba parade, and bon dancing. Don't miss the powerful tezutsu hanabi (hand-held fireworks) in the precincts of Osu Kannon Temple.

ScheduleThe first Saturday and Sunday of August
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