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Winter (December-February)

Konomiya Hadaka (Naked) Festival

An awe-inspiring festival with that has been celebrated since the Nara Period. A religious ceremony in which a large number of (almost) naked men jostle with each other in order to touch a purified man (the Shin Otoko) and become blessed.

ScheduleFebruary 20
PlaceKonomiya Shrine, Inazawa City, (1-1-1 Konomiya, Inazawa city)
AccessTake Meitetsu Main line train from Nagoya Station bound for Gifu,
and get off at Konomiya Station (roughly 13 minutes from Nagoya Sta.)
The Shrine is a 3-min. walk from Konomiya Station.
URLhttp://www.konomiya.or.jpExternal Link
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