There are three railways in Nagoya, including JR as well as Meitetsu, which provides access to Aichi and Gifu, and Kintetsu, which provides access to Mie and the Kansai region.
JR trains within the city run on the Tokaido main line and Chuo main line. Connections between JR and the subway can be made at Nagoya and Kanayama stations for the Tokaido line, and at Nagoya, Kanayama, Tsurumai, Chikusa, and Ozone stations for the Chuo line.
Transfers to and from Meitetsu can be made at Nagoya, Kanayama, Sakae, and Ozone stations. The Tsurumai line is jointly operated with Meitetsu from Akaike and Kami-Otai stations to offer convenient access up to Toyota and Inuyama.
Kintetsu, which runs from Mie prefecture, Nara, and Osaka connects to the subway at Hatta and Nagoya stations.

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