地下鉄The Nagoya subway includes six lines: Higashiyama, Meijo, Meiko, Tsurumai, Sakuradori, and Kamiida. The Meijo line was turned into a loop in October 2004, becoming the country’s first subway line to run in a loop. As a loop, the Meijo line connects to all other subway lines at Sakae, Kanayama and elsewhere, making it a convenient way to get around the city. The main tourist attractions in the city are within walking distance of the subway.
Subway fares range from ¥200 (¥100 for child under 12 years) for one zone to ¥330 (¥160 for child under 12 years) for five zones. Special, convenient tickets are also available, including a 1 day pass for a day of unlimited rides on city buses and the subway (which costs ¥850 for adult,¥430 for child under 12 years for both bus and subway, or ¥740 for adult, ¥370 for child under 12 years for just the subway), and the Donichi Eco Kippu ticket (¥600 for adult,¥300 for child under 12 years), which allows unlimited rides on city buses and the subway on weekends, public holidays, and the eighth of each month (Environmental Conservation Day).

Transportation Bureau,City of Nagoya
Subway line map (PDF)

For sightseeing, the One-Day Pass is the best way to get around! How to buy tickets at the subway station:

How to purchase the One-Day Pass

Near the ticket machine, there is a board explaining “How to buy a ticket (in multiple languages).”
“English” display can be chosen on the ticket vending machines with touch panels.
You can also find the route map and the fare chart in English.
On weekdays (Monday through Friday), buy a One-Day Pass, On Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and the 8th day of each month, buy the Weekend Eco Pass.
Choose the type of One-Day Pass most suited for your destinations and purposes:

  • One-Day Subway Pass (all subway lines): 740 yen for adults.
  • One-Day Bus and Subway Pass (all subway lines & city bus routes): 850yen for adults.

How to ride the subway

Insert your One-Day Pass through the slot on the ticket gate, and pass through the gate.

When you want to buy regular tickets

Follow the guidance shown on the side of the ticket vending machines.

Route maps and fare charts in English are posted in the subway stations.

Steps to follow when purchasing the passes

1.Select “English” on the bottom right corner of the touch panel

2.Select “one adult” or “one child.”(When purchasing the One-Day Pass or the Weekend Eco Pass, you can buy only one ticket at a time for one adult or for one child,)

3.Select the type of pass you wish to purchase.

4.Touch the fare indicated on the touch panel.

5.Insert money into the machine to purchase your ticket.

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