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Nagoya is situated near the Tomei, Chuo and Meishin expressways. Use the Toimei Expressway if you come from Tokyo, and the Meishin Expressway from the Kansai area. The opening of the New Meishin Expressway in February 2008, relieved traffic congestion on the Tomei and Meishin expressways, and the full opening of the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway slated for July 2008, will make trips to Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures in the Hokuriku Region more convenient.

Express Bus from Nagoya

Nagoya is situated near the Tomei, Chuo and Meishin expressways. Regular express buses connect Nagoya to major cities around Japan via those expressways. Express buses offer economical fares, and the passengers on the late-night buses can save hours by traveling to their destinations while sleeping.

Due to traffic conditions, the time required for transportation may vary from the scheduled time listed on the board.

For Tokyo

required time 6hrs

For Shizuoka

required time 3hrs30mins

For Takayama

required time 2hrs30mins

For Kyoto

required time 3hrs

For Osaka

required time 4hrs

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