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Visitor's Guides / Brochures

The pamphlets below can be obtained at the airport, train stations, and hotels.
NAGOYA NAVI 2108-2019
This portable guide map provides information for visitors to Nagoya.
Nagoya Shopping and Dining Guide
This map provides information on shopping areas and restaurants in Nagoya!!
Nagoya Sightseeing Guide
The sightseeing guide offer suggestions for getting around the City, ideas on what to see, what to eat and what to enjoy.
Welcome to Nagoya
It shows not only Nagoya's attractions and gourmet, but also city map and subway map.
This pamphlet includes a route map and timetable of Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Me~guru, which provides easy access to Nagoya Castle, Tokugawaen, and other popular tourist spots in Nagoya.
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