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Discover the secrets and allure of Nagoya’s very on cuisine!

There’s a word we have in Japan ”Nagoya-Meshi”. This term is only applied to the local cuisine in Nagoya. It is characterized by a salty-sweet harmony of subtle sweetness and spices. These flavors, found neither in Tokyo or in Kyoto, have a rapidly growing number of passionate fans.

What is Nagoya-meshi?

Nagoya-meshi” is the source of Nagoya’s power!

Nagoya-meshi, which developed according to our own sense of values that differs from those of Tokyo and Osaka, has become a national trend these days. Could it be that its popularity is due not only to its deliciousness, but also to its great variety and unmatched originality? We encourage you to come try some Nagoya-meshi in its place of origin, Nagoya.

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