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Ooguchiya Hotei main shop

main shop

Mitsukoshi sakae shop

Established in 1818, they kept their traditional skill and produced great confectioneries making good use of the flavors of its ingredients. Confectionery which is beautifully shaped in the form of Japanese flowers and leaves like sakura and maple and other half-dry confectionery and a bar of sweet jellied adzuki-bean paste, etc. They have shops at gift station at Nagoya station and Chubu International Airport.

Menu Examples

Anpu Sansara
tasteful bean jam is wrapped with wheat starch.

Bukou Yobanashi
Beautiful and elegant helf-dry confectioneries

Hana dayori
Refined Japanese beauties and seasons are expressed. rice crackers, jelly, dry confection of starch, etc are packed in a box.

Restaurant Details

Adress67 Naka Hotei-cho, Kounan-city

They have also many branches in Aichi prefecture
Kounan station shop, Ichinomiya shop, Mitsukoshi Sakae, Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka
Accsess Method7 minutes walk from Hotei station of Inuyama line
Opening Hours8:00~18:00
Closed1st of Jan

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