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Wakashachiya - Nishiki Restaurant (若鯱家 錦店)


Exterior of Nishiki

One of this restaurant's top dishes is its meibutsu curry udon, made from fat, chewy noodles and a sauce that is thick, rich, and spicy hot. A wide variety of selections are available, including udon, soba, rice bowls, and à-la-carte dishes.

Menu Examples

Pork cutlet curry udon
Cheese curry udon
Miso pork cutlet rice bowl

Restaurant Details

Adress1F 758 NISHIKI Building 3-12-10 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Accsess Method5 minutes walk from "Sakae station" of Subway Higashiyama Line and Meijo Line
Opening Hours11:30~ 27:00(Weekday)
11:30~ 22:00(Sunday and public holiday)
Closedopen everyday
Websitehttp://www.wakashachiya.co.jpExternal Link

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