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Shrimp Fritter

In Nagoya, you see shrimp fritters almost always as the day's lunch special or in your boxed lunch. There is a story about how it has become a specialty food of Nagoya: The MC of a TV program, who was known to poke fun at Nagoya, once told the audience that Nagoya people pronounce "ebi-furai" as "ebi-furya"; The rumor spread around the nation, which led to the misunderstanding that ebi-furai is a specialty of Nagoya. Anyway, ebi-furai has now actually become Nagoya's new signature food. Some coffee shops even serve shrimp fritters with bread, such as ebi-sando (shrimp sandwich) and ebi-dog (shrimp hot dog). It sure is a Nagoya-meshi (Nagoya food).

Please contact each restaurant for more details.


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