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Maruya - Main Restaurant ((有)まるや 本店)

At this restaurant, great care is put into ingredients as well as the method of grilling and the interior ambience. This famous eel restaurant is supported by local diners who are willing to wait in line to have a taste. The oak-charbroiled eel here is a rare treat.

Menu Examples

Premium hitsumabushi eel
Premium eel rice bowl
Famous omelet-wrapped eel

Restaurant Details

AreaNagoya Station
AdressMeitetsu Dept.store 9F, 1-2-1 Meieki,Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
Accsess MethodJR and Meitetsu Nagoya station
Opening Hours11:00~23:00 (L.O.22:00)
Closedsame as Meitetsu department store
Websitehttp://www.maruya-honten.com/External Link

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