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Ogura Toast

Red Bean Paste on Toast

Thickly-sliced and toasted bread is dabbed with margarine or butter, and ogura-an sweet red bean paste is put on it. That is ogura toast, a kind of snack served at coffee shops. It is well known especially as part of a morning special meal at coffee shops in Nagoya. During the morning special time, your order of a cup of coffee comes with bread, egg, and sometimes salad and other foods without additional charge. Ogura toast has been one of the morning special choices for a long time. Recently, it became so popular that convenience stores sell ogura-an bread, indicating that its popularity has been spreading nationwide. There is a similar sweet bread snack combining red bean paste and margarine. This can be also regarded as an invention conceived in Nagoya.

Please contact each restaurant for more details.


Opened in 1947, one of the long established cafes in Nagoya.Sandwich is substantialicious.
Komeda Coffee is a café chain that originated in Nagoya. If you order ogura toast, you will get yo...
This restaurant is a company outlet for Osu Uiro, makers of uiro, a sweet, chewy cake for which Nagoya is...
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