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Taiwan Ramen

A kind of Chinese noodle

Taiwan ramen was a forerunner of the spicy food fad at first and has become a Nagoya specialty. Not only the original inventor of Taiwan ramen but also an increasing number of other restaurants now show signs saying "Taiwan Ramen". Ground pork, Chinese chives, green onions and bean sprouts are seasoned hot with red peppers and other spices, fried, and placed on boiled ramen noodles in a soy sauce-based soup. Profuse use of garlic is another characteristic of the dish, which is served mainly at Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants. Beads of sweat will dampen your brow as you try to bear the spicy heat! That's what Taiwan ramen is all about! Though the name suggests it comes from Taiwan, actually there is no such extra-hot ramen in Taiwan. The noodle dish is a local food which was born in Nagoya and is eaten mainly in the area. The origin of Taiwan ramen is said to be an impromptu recipe a Taiwanese restaurant owner/chef conceived to feed his staff in the early 1970s. The noodle dish, something like Taiwanese danzai noodles seasoned to extra-hot, did not even have a name. When it was put on the menu at the request of regular customers, he did not come up with any particular idea and simply named it Taiwan ramen just because he was Taiwanese.

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This restaurant serves Nagoya's famous Taiwan ramen. The restaurant is bright and lively inside, frequent...
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