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Summer (June-August)

Special Collection of Things to Do in Nagoya on Rainy Days

No one ever knows where to go on rainy days... But, there are tons of sightseeing spots to enjoy in Nagoya even when the rain falls!
Get your fill of sightseeing even on rainy days! Let Nagoya Travel Guide show you our recommended spots.
Be sure to use these spots for sightseeing, dates, or going out with children!

If you're looking to go sightseeing but not get your shoes wet, then these are for you...

The Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art

Directly connected to the subway! Walk right into the museum from Exit 1 of Shinsakae-machi Station. Delight in French art from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Access: Shinsakae-machi Station on the subway
Closed: Mondays (the following day if the Monday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday, changes of exhibition

The Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art

Nagoya TV Tower

Located in the center of Nagoya, you can look over a view of the city. When the rain lets up, the air clears, and the sunset and night view are very beautiful. Just outside of Exit 4B of Hisaya-odori Station on the subway.

Access: Hisaya-odori Station on the subway
Closed: Open year-round (Closed once a year for maintenance)

Nagoya TV Tower

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Have a good time while learning about the creation of the fibers and cars that have become so familiar in our lives through exhibitions of the actual items and demonstrations. This museum actually uses the factory building used during the Taisho era (1912-1926). If you use the Me~guru Bus, you won't need an umbrella because it stops in front of the museum entrance.

Access: Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology bus stop on the Me~guru bus route
Closed: Mondays (the following day if the Monday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Hands-on sightseeing for those with inquisitive minds

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

There are tons of things to see at Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. Magical tornado movements of sardines, cute and healing beluga whales, harbor seals swimming through the water, and more. Feel the amazing thrill of watching killer whales, the kings of the sea, swim right beside you!

Access: 5-minute walk from Exit 3 of Nagoyako Station on the subway
Closed: Mondays (the following day if the Monday coincides with a national holiday) *Open during Golden Week, spring/summer vacation, and the year-end/new year holiday

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Nagoya City Science Museum

The largest planetarium in the world makes this museum easily spottable. Children and adults alike are sure to be amazed at corners where you can experience the mystery of science! Full of planned exhibitions, you can have the time of your life for an entire day.

Access: 5-minute walk from Exit 5 of Fushimi Station on the subway
Closed: Mondays (the following ordinary weekday if the Monday coincides with a national holiday), 3rd Friday of the month (the 4th Friday of the month if the 3rd Friday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday

Nagoya City Science Museum

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

You can view train cars, from steam locomotives to bullet and SCMaglev trains, which were actually used up close and from different angles. Try out the train operation simulation and other experience corners.

Access: 2-minute walk from Kinjo-futo Station on the Aonami Line
Closed: Tuesdays (the following day if the Tuesday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

Enjoyable scenery with a feel that you can only get on rainy days

Tokugawaen Japanese Garden

This garden has a lineage to the Owari Tokugawa clan. A large pond lies in the center, and the wonder of nature can be felt through waterfalls and boulders, in addition to flowers. Time slows down as you listen to the gentle sound of rain falling in the park.

Access: Near the Tokugawaen, The Tokugawa Art Museum, Hosa Library bus stop on the Me~guru bus route
Closed: Mondays (the following day if the Monday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday

Tokugawaen Japanese Garden

The Town of Arimatsu

This town was prosperous from the Edo period (1603-1868) with its traditional art of Arimatsu-shibori (tie-dying), and even now, the feel of those times remain. We recommend experiencing the appeal of walking through the old town in the rain. Also, experience tie-dying for yourself at the Arimatsu-Narumi Tie-Dying Museum.

Access: 5-minute walk from Arimatsu Station on the Meitetsu Line

The Town of Arimatsu

Shirotori Garden

This large park makes its theme "the tale of water," from a water source to ocean's wide expanse. It's so beautiful here with the shine of rain drops upon the trees' green leaves.

Access: 10-minute walk from Exit 4 of Jingu Nishi Station on the subway
Closed: Mondays (the following ordinary weekday if the Monday coincides with a national holiday), year-end/new year holiday

Shirotori Garden

Recommended roofed shopping spots that allow you peace of mind

Nagoya Station Underground Shopping Mall

Nagoya Station's underground shopping mall has been given a breath of new life in recent years. It's full of the newest stores offering not only fashion, but souvenirs, cuisine, miscellaneous merchandise, and more. So big you could get lost, you can spend an entire day full of fun here.

Access: Nagoya Station on the JR Line, Meitetsu Line, Kintetsu Line, and the subway

Nagoya Station Underground Shopping Mall

Sakae Underground Shopping Center

Sakae's underground shopping center connects all of the town of Sakae, and is lined with stores centered around fashion and cuisine. It's connects a number department stores and buildings, and allows you to different places from underground.

Access: Sakae Station on the subway, Sakaemachi Station on the Meitetsu Line

Sakae Underground Shopping Center

Osu Kannon Shopping District

From major items to niche items, this hodgepodge shopping district is lined with various sorts of stores. This area is enveloped with a warm aura with a mixture of both old-fashioned and modern stores. Don't worry about getting wet from the rain in this shopping arcade.

Access: Kamimaezu Station and Osu Kannon Station on the subway

Osu Kannon Shopping District

Tsutsui-cho/ Dekimachi Tenno Festival

This is an old local festival in which five preserved festival floats are pushed around a local neighborhood. The highlight of the festival occurs at around 11 am on the Sunday of the festival when the floats gather in the courtyard outside Tokugawaen. The karakuri mechanized dolls on each float then come to life and play traditional music. Many festival stalls are set up in front of the gate of Kenchuji Temple, which was the family temple of the Tokugawa Family.

ScheduleThe first Saturday and Sunday of June
PlaceTsutsui-cho, Tokugawaen
URLhttp://higashiku-dashi.or.jpExternal Link

Tokugawaen Festival Float Parade

See the five floats come together from Tsutsui-cho and Deki-machi's ancient past at the heart of the festival at Tokugawaen. Tsutsui-cho was a town of merchants and the residences of samurai warriors, and Deki-machi was a prosperous town of craftsmen. The Tenno Festival was performed in the two neighboring towns from the Edo era to ensure good health throughout, and traditional karakuri mechanized doll performances can be seen.

ScheduleThe first Sunday in June.
*Cancellation possible due to rainy weather the day before or day of.
11:00 AM–12:00 PM
PlaceThe square in front of Tokugawa Art Museum
Access●3-minute walk from the city bus and Meitetsu Bus Tokugawaen Shindeki Bus Stop
●Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Tokugawa Art Museum Bus Stop
●10-minute walk from the south exit of Ozone Station on the JR Chuo Line
URLhttps://www.tokugawaen.aichi.jp/External Link
Admission FeeFree

Arimatsu Shibori (Tie-Dying) Festival

The Arimatsu Shibori Festival is held annually all around Arimatsu. Old-fashioned stores and houses still remain along the Tokaido road. The shops for tie-dyed products on the main roads are reproduced from the Edo period. Additionally, demonstrations of tie-dying, tie-dying lessons for visitors, and parades are performed. 

ScheduleThe first Saturday and Sunday of June
PlaceArimatsu district
URLhttp://www.shibori-kaikan.com/en/External Link
ContactArimatsu-Narumi Tie-Dying Museum

Atsuta Festival (Shobusai Festival)

The Atsuta festival is the biggest festival among the approximately 70 events held at Atsuta Shrine each year. An imperial envoy is sent to the shrine to offer goheimotsu (strips of white paper for Shinto rituals). Atsuta Shrine and its environs are filled with such attractions as kentou makiwara (light tributes tied with straw), fireworks at Jingu Koen (Shrine Park), various martial arts and entertainment competitions, and kodomo mikoshi (portable shrines for children).

ScheduleJune 5th
PlaceAtsuta Shrine
URLhttp://www.atsutajingu.or.jp/en/intro/External Link
ContactAtsuta Shrine

Tebasaki Summit®

Approximately 20 stores from all over the country gather, and the winner of a tebasaki (chicken wing)-eating contest's grand prize is chosen by all.
*Held even in rainy weather

Tebasaki, or chicken wings, are Nagoya's famous local specialty. They are deep fried once at a low heat and again at a high heat, and flavored with a sweet and spicy sauce, pepper, or other seasonings. With a soft inside and crunchy outside, they are outstanding with beer.

ScheduleThe second Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in June
PlaceHisaya-Odori Park
AccessSakae Station on the Meijo and Higashiyama subway lines
Sakaemachi Station on the Meitetsu Line
URLhttp://www.tebasaki-summit.com/External Link
Admission FeeFree admission (Charges for food and drink.)

Lantern Event at the Okehazama Historical Battlefield Festival

A memorial ceremony for the Battle of Okehazama, guided tours of the ruins, and parades with armored warriors, as well as performances with taiko drums and the Naruko-odori dance are held. A number of local mascots from different areas including Okewanko also come together here.
After sunset, in a mourning of those who died from both sides of the battle, 3,500 lanterns are lit around Oike Pond.

ScheduleThe middle of June
PlaceOkehazama Kosenjo Park, Chofukuji Temple, Oike Pond
AccessOkehazama Teramae Bus Stop on the city bus from Arimatsu Station on the Meitetsu Line
URLhttp://okehazama.net/External Link
Admission FeeFree

Sumo Tournament in Nagoya

The Sumo Tournament in Nagoya is a major event in summer.
A half-century has passed since it became a regular sumo tournament.
Watching sumo from such a close distance will give you a chance
to experience Japan's national sport with enthusiasm and excitement that you never feel watching TV.

※Some Sumo stable permit people to watch their practice. Contact each stable for details.

PlaceAichi Prefectural Gymnasium
TEL+81-52-290-0013 (weekday 10:00AM - 6:00PM)
URLhttp://www.sumo.or.jp/en/indexExternal Link
ContactThe venue’s ticket office

Nagoya Port Festival

The main site for the Nagoya Port Festival is Garden Futou (wharf) at the Port of Nagoya. Visitors can enjoy various types of events related to the sea at the festival. The last event of this festival is a fireworks display. The sky is beautifully filled with fireworks, including a “melody hanabi” performance (fireworks synchronized with music).

PlaceNagoya Port
URLhttp://www.nagoya-port-festival.com/External Link

The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium's Summer Night Aquarium

Throughout the summer vacation period from the third week of July to August, the Summer Night Aquarium is held.
During this period, business hours are lengthened, allowing you to enjoy yourself until 8:00 PM. We recommend watching the Night Performance with dolphins flying into the night sky from the main pool of the North Building, as well as the romantic atmosphere of the South Building with its lights brought down as low as possible. Also, save with the admission fee being 20% lower after 5:00 PM. Have a ball at this night aquarium, where you can see the extraordinary.

The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium's Summer Night Aquarium
*Japanese page only

ScheduleThird week of July–around the end of August
5:00 PM–8:00 PM
*Admission until 1 hour before closing
PlaceThe Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Access5-minute walk from Exit 3 of Nagoyako Station on the Meijo subway line
URLhttp://www.nagoyaaqua.com/english/2015031013432314.htmlExternal Link
Admission FeeAdults/high school students: 1,600 yen, Elementary/junior high school students: 800 yen, Children (ages 4 and above): 400 yen
*20% discount from the admission fee after 5:00 PM
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