LEGOLAND® JAPAN Opening in Nagoya!

The first LEGOLAND® JAPAN will be opening April 1, 2017 in Nagoya's Kinjo Pier area. It is an outdoor theme park, with the theme of a world made of LEGO® blocks, for children and their families to have loads of fun all day long in. The park features 7 areas with over 40 attractions and shows, making you feel like a LEGO adventurer in a LEGO world.
Be sure to get yourself down to LEGOLAND® JAPAN!

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For those coming by train

Just outside of Kinjo-futo Station on the Aonami Line from Nagoya Station

For those coming by car

Please use the Kinjo Pier parking lot as there is no LEGOLAND® JAPAN parking lot.

Kinjo Pier parking lot homepage

  • From normal roads

    Map:From normal roads

    Take a right at the Shiotome-cho intersection. Continue along the road, move over to the left after the 4th intersection with a stop light, and you will come to the parking lot entrance.

  • From expressways

    Map:From expressways

    Pass through the toll gate, and take a wide U-turn from road to the left. Continue along the road, take a left-hand U-turn at the intersection with a stop light in front of you, and you will come to the parking lot entrance.

Facilities in the area

There are plenty of other fun places in LEGOLAND® JAPAN's Kinjo Pier area.

Maker's Pier

Maker's Pier

Opening Thursday, March 30, 2017. In addition to food and shopping, you can also enjoy creating and experiencing things through an abundance of interactive and hands-on facilities.

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SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

A Museum where you can learn about the workings of railroads and their histories.

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