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What's Film Commission Nagoya Location Navi

Film Commission Nagoya Location Navi was established as a coordinating body for location shootings for the movie and TV drama making in this city.
Every kind of helping hand will be reached out to film producers in order to ensure smooth shooting. It is hoped the regional attraction of Nagoya will be disseminated through the films.

Message from "Nagoya" will be engraved on your mind

The city retains the atmosphere of the samurai culture of the 'Owari' ( the former name of Nagoya) branch of the prestigious Tokugawa shogun family.  The huge trade port, Port of Nagoya, is opening up to the world. You will see the hills and mountains robed in verdure, or the coastline with the white sand and pine trees once you step outside the city of skyscrapers.
Nagoya, full of these different expressions, is a rich repository of location sites. The city actively supports the movie making in which the scene is laid in Nagoya.

The Content of the activity

  • The abundant information about the location spots are provided in our website.
  • We will make a list of the candidate places for location works.
  • We will be cooperative in coordinating all quarters concerning location shooting and making an application for the facilities for the film shooting.
  • We will introduce to some companies to provide such necessary services as rental studios or equipments.
  • We will introduce to the accommodations at the time of location works.
  • We will give a helping hand in accepting applications and arranging for extras.
  • We will give a helping hand in giving an advance notice of the location shooting to the people living near location sites.

For information, please contact

Film Commission Nagoya Location Navi c/o Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau Nagoya Chamber of Commerce building 5F, 2-10-19 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0008