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Application Form

This application form is for anyone who wants to use the services of Nagoya Location Navi for producing a film, television show, or commercial. Please let us know the specifics of your project by sending us your filming plans, storyboards, and other details by fax or email. If you’re in a hurry, please give us a phone call.
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Basic Application Information

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Filming specifics

Name of filming project
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Period of filming
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Terms of Use

When it comes to using the support services of your organization, the Nagoya Location Navi film commission, I shall rigidly adhere to the following terms for the purpose of conducting location scouting (hereinafter “scouting”) and location filming (hereinafter “filming”) in a safe and smooth manner.

  1. The production company acting as the client for these support services will purchase filming insurance (domestic travelers’ personal accident insurance and facility liability insurance) to ensure safety for all scouting and filming activities.
  2. All responsibilities related to scouting and filming will belong to the production company, and in the unlikely event that any accident or other difficulty occurs at a filming location, the production company will be responsible for handling it in a prompt and faithful manner without imposing any responsibility on the administrators of that facility or location, or upon Nagoya Location Navi.
  3. Filming will be conducted in the manner at the facilities and locations given in the application without any changes. If any changes are made, I shall promptly contact Nagoya Location Navi and the administrators (owners) to make the necessary arrangements.
  4. The production company shall fastidiously ensure the safety of volunteer extras and purchase insurance for them. If any accident or other difficulty occurs related to filming, I shall bear the responsibility for handling it.
  5. After using a facility for scouting or filming, I shall promptly clean it and restore it to its original state, and then notify the administrator (owner).
  6. I shall provide advance notice (e.g. through posters or merchandise) prior to releasing (televising) the work.
  7. I shall provide deliverables of the work (e.g. a DVD or photograph collection) once it is completed.
  8. Pictures and photographs taken by still cameramen and production supervisors during the filming in Nagoya will be provided free of charge prior to releasing (televising) the work, and I shall permit the usage of those pictures and photographs for promoting the activities of Nagoya Location Navi.

Note that neither Nagoya Location Navi nor the facility or location administrator shall take any responsibility in cases in which the approval and consent of the administrator and other filming collaborators cannot be obtained. Additionally, Nagoya Location Navi may decline to provide its support services if the project significantly damages the reputation of Nagoya Location Navi and the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In order to make use of Nagoya Location Navi’s services, one is required to send in a consent form. Please download the consent form below and send it by post to the specified address.


Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bldg., 11F.
10-19, Sakae 2-Chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya,
460-0008, JAPAN
TEL:+81-52-202-1145 FAX:+81-52-231-0922

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