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Marathon Festival NAGOYA-AICHI 2014

As an affiliated event of the Marathon Festival Nagoya-Aichi 2014, the Marathon EXPO will be held. Company booths and eat-in booths related to sports, health and beauty will be set up at the starting point, “Nagoya Dome”, and various stage programs will enliven the event. This is an event enjoyable not only for marathon fans but for everyone interested in “health” and “beauty”.

【Marathon EXPO】March 7, 2014 – March 9, 2014  Venue: Nagoya Dome
【Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2014】Start at 9:10am on March 9
【Nagoya City Marathon 2014】Half marathon/ Quarter marathon: Start at 10:10am on March 9
  Challenge run: Start at 10:00am and 2:00pm on March 8


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