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Nagoya is famous for its one-of-a-kind food culture. The term Nagoyameshi (meaning "Nagoya cuisine") covers all different special foods originated in Nagoya. The main characteristic of Nagoyameshi is rich and strong flavors.It is becoming more and more popular all throughout Japan.
NAGOYAMESHI EXPO is an event held among restaurants within Nagoya. Purchasing the tickets, allows you to enjoy all sorts of Nagoyameshi, from the traditional to the new, as you walk from restaurant to restaurant.

The event spans 50 days from October 1 (Sun) to November 19 (Sun), 2017, and tickets are sold from September 1.
There are two types of tickets: a set of 2 for 1,240 yen and a set of 5 for 3,000 yen. Tickets can be purchased at Oasis 21 i Center and the Nagoya City Tourist Information Center in Kanayama, as well as some participating restaurants, major hotels in Nagoya, Ticket PIA, eplus, etc.

Each participating restaurants offers one item of Nagoyameshi, for example at " kalapaNa" , they offer"Mazesupa". The prices of individual dishes vary, so you may need to use more than ome ticket for the dish you desire. Don't worry if you are not comfortable ordering in Japanese, as all you need to do upon arriving at the restaurant is to hand over the necessary number of tickets to the staff. Next, just wait for your food to be brought before you.


  1. Tickets can be used only at the designated restaurants, only for the items registered with the NAGOYAMESHI EXPO.
  2. Tickets cannot be used before or after the event period.
  3. Please note that refunds cannot be given for leftover tickets.
  4. Check the official website (http://www.nagoyameshi-expo.com/) for details (Japanese only).

See participating restaurants which offer service in foreign languages below.

Restaurant name (dish) Available language(s)
KaLaPaNa (Mazesoba) English
Yamamotoya Souhonke (Futuunikomiudon & Misooden) Chinese
Hirono   Tonkatsu (Tonkatsuteishoku with Ebifurai) restaurant English, Chinese, Korean
Hirono   Temmusu (Kishimen & Tenmusu) restaurant English, Chinese
Nagoya Butahachido   Osu restaurant (Black Misokatsusand) English
Nagoya Butahachido   Fushimi main restaurant(Black Misokatsusand) English
Bar Gusha Teppan IndianPasta & one drink)   English (simple)
Chojutei (Delux Misonikomiudon) Chinese
Nagoya Miso Curry Labo (Nagoyanikumisoko curry) English
Makamaka   Nagoya-style Japanese dining (MiebutsuKin/Ginnotebasaki & one drink) English, Chinese
Makamaka   Seafood (Meibutsu Kaisenkushiage & one drink) kushiage English, Chinese
Ginza Lion   SakaeChika restaurant(Misotonomurice) English, Chinese
Usakoya (Chinchikochinno ChikenBurg) English
Nishiasahi   Cafe, restaurant, and guest house (Shougun Tebasaki Set & one drink) English
Nakamura   Western dining (RokomokoMisoBurgDon) English
Sakatsuya   Fushimi restaurant (EbiKatsuNaoyameshi Set) Chinese
Sente   Casual tavern, Meieki Nishiguchi restaurant (Naoygakidori & Beerhai) English, Chinese 
Sente   Grilled kushiyaki, Meieki Sasashima main restaurant (Taiwan Reimen) English, Chinese
Shimono Ishiki   Marunouchi tempura cuisine (Owarimae KuroankakeTendon) English, Chinese
Shimono Ishiki   Main restaurant (Naoyga Unagi Tennmusu) English, Chinese
Hitotoki Cafe   Nagoya Crown Hotel lounge (Ogura Toast Set) English
The CRUSTY CRAB (Clash Combo) English
Dining & Cafe HoiHoi   Sakae 3-chome restaurant (Leadbelly Souffle Pancake) English

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