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October 2018

Aichi Prefecture, with its major city of Nagoya, is an area known for its thriving manufacture of automobiles and airplanes. It is the greatest manufacturing base in Japan particularly for the aerospace industry, producing over 50% of Japan's airplanes and airplane components in addition to approximately 80% of its airframe components. And so, it only makes sense that the new FLIGHT OF DREAMS fac...
Venue: Kenchuji Temple Access: ●10 minutes northwest from Kurumamichi Station on the Sakura-dori subway line ●6 minutes from Yamaguchi-cho city bus stop Event information: The Evening Float Parade will be held on Sunday, October 21 in commemoration of the Higashi-ku ward's 110th anniversary. For the first time in 10 years, five floats adorned with lit paper lanterns will amass within the Kenchu...
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