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Yattokame Cultural Festival in Session!

Date: 10/27-11/18/2018
Venue: Throughout the Nagoya city area
Admission fee:
Some events require admission fees

Event information:
This is the sixth Yattokame Cultural Festival―a festival letting you enjoy traditional arts and more throughout the artistic city of Nagoya.
Meet the lesser known artistic allure of Nagoya for 23 days with the city acting as the stage. Watch kyogen comedy plays and kabuki plays on the street as well as stage performances in Artful Nagoya Stage events, and even see Japanese-style entertainment and kyogen plays as you dine in long standing Japanese restaurants in Traditional Japanese Live Entertainment events. Over 100 programs are held every day during the event period.
Also go on Nagoya's Cute Japanese Sweets Tour which covers 23 Japanese sweets stores in Nagoya. By participating in this and other Yattokame Cultural Festival programs, you can collect stamps, and even get prizes for the amount of stamps received. So, don't miss out on the fun.

Inquiries: Executive Office of the Yattokame Cultural Festival Planning Committee
Tel: +81-52-262-2580
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