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Advance screenings on 2/2 of Banana Yoshimoto's ultimate masterpiece, Memories of a Dead End--With all film locations in Nagoya!

Date: From Saturday, February 2, 2019
Venue: Cinema Skhole
Admission fee: Adults: 1,700 yen, students: 1,400 yen
●2-minute walk west from the Taiko-dori exit of Nagoya Station

Event information:
The works of Banana Yoshimoto are published in over 30 countries, and beloved the world over.
Her short novel Memories of a Dead End, which she herself deems the best of her work, has been made into a movie through a collaborative effort between Japan and South Korea. There are advanced showings in Nagoya at Cinema Skhole on February 2, 2019, and release for the rest of Japan is set for the 16th.

Memories of a Dead End is the story of Yumi, heartbroken and coming to a dead-end in her life, as she meets someone in a new city, which leads to the healing of her broken heart.

Soo-young Choi from Girls' Generation and Shunsuke Tanaka from Nagoya's tourism promotion group Boys and Men both star in this film.
Banana Yoshimoto applauded Soo-young's and Shunsuke's performance, saying they were the spitting image of the characters in the original story at the premiere screening in December.

Filming was done mainly within Nagoya, with all of it done in Aichi. Why not tour around the locations appearing in the film as you imagine how Nagoya must have appeared to Yumi through her own eyes?

Main film locations

This is the café / guest house love-scarred main character Yumi comes across. It was revamped to look like a traditional Japanese home for the movie, and it currently operates as a café only on weekends. Enjoy the "miso toast" Yumi ate in the movie as well as original coffees.

■Endoji shopping arcade

Shooting the movie

This is said to be one of Nagoya's oldest shopping arcades.
■Nagoya TV Tower
This is where the scene of Yumi and her guest house buddies looking out from the observation deck was filmed.
*Closed January 7, 2019-July 2020 due to earthquake-resistant renovations.
■Sunshine Sakae
This is where Yumi is shown walking around Sakae at the opening of the film.
■Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park
This is where the picnic scene was filmed.
■Historic Nagakute Battlefield Memorial Park
The two characters come here at the movie's climax.

See the movie here in Nagoya where you can actually feel the world of the movie for yourself.

Inquiries: Cinema Skhole
Tel: +81-52-452-6036
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