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August 2019

Event information: The SCMAGLEV and Railway Park in Nagoya's Kinjo-futo, Minato-ku introduces the evolution of high-speed railway technology through actual train car exhibits from local trains to the Superconducting Maglev train with a focus on the Tokaido Line bullet trains. Children and adults alike can enjoy themselves at this establishment with railroad dioramas as well as bullet and local t...
Event information: The Tokugawa area of Higashi-ku, Nagoya is home to a beautiful Japanese garden packing in Japan's natural landscapes as well as a museum where you can view famous pieces from the Owari Tokugawa clan--particularly artifacts of the late Tokugawa Ieyasu. We recommend two ways to spend your time in the Tokugawa area, where you can come into contact with the history and culture of ...
Event information: Enjoy art within the Nagoya area at AICHI TRIENNALE 2019, open for 75 days from Thursday, August 1, 2019. AICHI TRIENNALE is one of the largest international art festivals in Japan, held every three years since 2010. With the concept of "an era of jo (emotion, information and compassion)", over 80 artistic groups from both in and outside of Japan will be part of the event this...
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