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Inuyama Castle

The style of this castle is called dokuritsutenshu (a large, simple, timber-framed castle tower). It is a three-story tower when looking from outside, but its interior has four stories plus two stories inside the stone-wall which is the basement of the tower. Inuyama Castle was built at the present site in 1537 and Oda Yojirou Nobuyasu became the lord. However, he was killed in the battle at Inaba Castle in Gifu; then, Yojiro's son, Oda Juurouzaemon Nobukiyo became the lord. Since then, the lordship often changed hands. Ishikawa Bizennokami Mitsuyoshi became the lord in 1596. After the Battle of Sekigahara, Ogasawara Izuminokami Yoshitsugu became the lord. The modern Inuyama Castle was built by the Ishikawa and the Ogasawara families.


AreaSuburban Nagoya Areas
Address65-2 Aza Kitakoken, Oaza Inuyama, Inuyama
Opening Hours9:00AM - 5:00PM
*Admission until 4:30PM
ClosedDecember 29 - 31
ParkingParking lot for 129 regular cars
Parking lot for 11 buses
Websitehttp://inuyama-castle.jp/External Link

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