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Nagoya City Tram and Subway Museum

Nagoya City Tram & Subway Museum was established on June 1,2000 to maintain and exhibit historic carriages including tramcars which had been operated in Nagoya for 77 years and "kiden (Windsor yellow subway car)" which was the first subway car of the Nagoya Municipal Subway when it was opened in 1957 as the third subway system of Japan. The museum also promotes better understanding of the mission and the role of public transportation through hands-on exhibitions.


AreaSuburban Nagoya Areas
Address30 Kasahara, Asada-cho, Nishi (North side of Nisshin Plant)
Opening Hours10:00AM - 4:00PM
ClosedWednesdays (or the following weekday if a public or substitute holiday falls on a Wednesday)
ParkingParking lot for 6 regular cars
Parking lot for 3 buses
Websitehttps://www.kotsu.city.nagoya.jp/jp/pc/ENJOY/TRP0000498.htmExternal Link

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