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~【by train and bus】~Let's enjoy summer of Nagoya! Part 2~

Time required: A:3 B:4 C:5 D:4 Hours
START Start[Nagoya]station Ichinomiya Tanabata festival GOAL
START Start[Nagoya]station

A course Meitetsu line Nagoya honsen[Nagoya]station
→get off at[Meitetsu Ichinomiya]station

370 yen/time needed: limited express 15 minutes

B course Meitetsu tsuhima line[Nagoya]station→get off at [tsushima]station

400 yen/time needed 24 minutes

C course Direct bus from Nagoya bus station

1060 yen/time needed 50 minutes

D course Meitetsu Inuyama line[Nagoya]station
→get off at [Inuyama Yuen]station

600 yen/time needed 30 minutes

Ichinomiya Tanabata festival

A course July[Ichinomiya Tanabata festival]2 hours: 15 minutes walk(they have free bus)

2 hours would be good to enjoy this festival

15 minutes walk(they have free bus)

Expenses: Adult: traffic expenses:730 yen

B course July[Owari Tsuhima Tennou festival]

2 hours:20 minutes walk from station

Expenses: Adult: traffic expenses:800 yen

Fee for spectator stand: 2000~3000 yen
※If you would like to reserve the seat, contact Tsushima Tourist Center 0567-28-8051

C course  Nagashima Resort(sports land)

3 hours would be good enjoy this place

Outlet park, Hot spring

Expenses: Adult: traffic expenses:2120 yen: pool 3300yen:total 9920yen

D course June[Kiso river cormorant fishing]

2 hours and half would be good to enjoy this place

5 minutes walk from the station

Expenses: Adult: traffic expenses:1200 yen: boat for fishing 2600 yen:total 3800 yen



A course Meitetsu line[Meitetsu Ichinomiya]station
→get off at[Nagoya]station

B course Meitetsu tsuhima line[Tsushima]station→get off at [Nagoya]station

C course Direct bus from Nagashima to Nagoya station

D course Meitetsu Inuyama line[Inuyama Yuen]station
→get off at [Nagoya]station

GOAL Nagoya station

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