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บัตรโดยสารวันเดียวของเมกุรุ - รถบัสท่องเที่ยวประจำทางเมืองนาโกย่า

Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus One-Day Pass

This pass is specifically for the Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus, which does a tour of Nagoya.
The One-Day Pass can be used for one day of unlimited rides.
It can also provide a discount on the entrance fee at tourist facilities along the Me~guru route on the same day the pass is used.
Furthermore, it offers benefits at restaurants and hotels along the Me~guru route on the same day the pass is used.

Fares: Adults ¥500, children ¥250

Transportation Bureau 1-Day Tickets, Manaca, and Toica can also be used.

One-day passes are sold aboard Me~guru buses. Ask to purchase one when you ride the bus. The other locations that sell One-Day Passes include the iCenter at Oasis 21, the Kanayama Tourist Information Center, and major travel agencies.

Buses unavailable on Mondays

Follow this link for more details:
Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus



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