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Yanagibashi Uo-shabu Hama no ki

 Being located at the entrance of Yanagibashi Fish Market, you can taste
fresh fishes and Japanese food. Uo-shabu(Fish shabu-shabu)※1  is the shop's speciality.
you dip fish and organic vegetables from Aisai-city into hot water and put them
in 6 different special sauce. All private dining rooms.
They have Japanese Sake Bar inside the restaurant and experience different kinds of Sake.

 ※1 Shabu-shuabu is a kind of a hot pot.
You soak raw and sliced meat of beef in hot water of a pot for a short time,
and eat the meat with a special sauce and vegetable boiled in the pot.

※2 Chazuke: a bowl of rice soaked in hot green tea

Menu Examples

Yanagibashi Uo-shabu
Enjoy fresh fishes from Yanagibashi fish market.
Fish shabu shabu with 6 different sauces is shop's speciality. You can enjoy noodle with the soup.

Nagoya Cochin Chicken Miso Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki with miso taste soup with Nagoya
Cochin Chicken.

Donabe Kani Mabush
rab meat on rice cooked in the earthen pot.
Have this with crab paste and vineger and at the end, pour hot water and enjoy this as Chazuke.※2

Restaurant Details

Adress3rd floor, Dai ni Marunaka-building
4-16-23 Meieki, Nakamura-ward, Nagoya city
Accsess Method3 minutes walk from JR Nagoya station Sakura-dori exit
Opening HoursMonday-Saturday 17:00-24:00
Websitehttp://hamasho-soba.com/shop/index6.htmlExternal Link

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