Nippon Domannaka Festival

The Nippon Domannaka (literally meaning “right in the middle of Japan”) Festival (commonly known as Domatsuri) was established by the ambition of students in Nagoya who hoped to revitalize Japan through this festival. Nagoya is crowded with numerous dancers who hold naruko (Japanese clappers) and wear costumes of various colors, bringing Domatsuri to all parts of the city.

Schedule: August 25(Fri): 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM
           August 26(Sat),27(Sun) 8:50 AM -9:00 PM
Place:     Nagoya (Sakae, Osu, Nagoya Station,and other locations)
TEL:      +81-52-241-4333
FAX :      +81-52-241-4446
URL: Link
Contact:  Nippon Domannaka Festival Cultural Foundation

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