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"Hokusai Darusen Special Exhibition" at Nagoya City Museum

Date: November 18 (Sat)–December 17 (Sun), 2017
Closed: November 20 (Mon), 27 (Mon), 28 (Tue), and December 4 (Mon) and 11 (Mon)
Time: 9:30 AM–5:00 PM (Admission until 4:30 PM)
Venue: Nagoya City Museum
Address: 1-27-1 Mizuho-tori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
Admission fee: 1,300 yen, etc.
Access: 5-minute walk from Exit 4 of Sakurayama Station on the Sakura-dori subway line

Event information:
The Edo era woodblock print artist Hokusai Katsushika, well known for his print collection, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. Did you know that for a time, he lived in Nagoya?
Exactly 200 years ago from today, Hokusai held an event in which he drew an impromptu 18-meter tall picture of the large Buddhist figure Daruma. This became the beginning of Hokusai's nickname of "Darusen" (an abbreviation of "Daruma sensei," meaning "Daruma master"). Nagoya has a rather deep connection with Hokusai, and his Hokusai Manga (a collection of images created by him) was even created in Nagoya. In this exhibition, the connection between Hokusai and Nagoya is introduced with a focus on the excitement surrounding the event in which the large Daruma was drawn.

Inquiries: Nagoya City Museum
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