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Booklet of Nagoya subway and city bus "TOKU-NAVI" was released.It guides useful and discount information that you should not miss! You can get them at Tourist Information Center or at each subway stations. Tourist Information Center You can get infomation on website as well. Nagoya Toku Navi...
Great news to people who wants to explore world heritage! Take this bus tour and experience the great pleasure! It starts from 26th of July and ends on 4th of August! Don't miss this chance! 英語オモテウラ2枚.pdf ...
Article about Nagoya-meshi was placed on JNTO website. Learn about Nagoya-meshi and try them when you come to Nagoya!!!! รสอร่อย [ JNTO website ] รวมเมนูข้าวจากนาโกย่า(Nagoya) องค์การส่งเสริมการท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศญี่ปุ่นJapan National Tourism Organization http://www.jnto.or.th/  ...
【Omotenashi Panels were installed at Centrair Chubu International Airpot till August】 To introduce charms of Nagoya, Omotenashi Kankou Panels(pictures of sightseeing facilities) were installed at Chubu International Airport. You could feel Nagoya's fascination through these panels. Please come by when you are around! Why don't you take memorable pictures with them! From Thu 2nd of June to Wed 31st...
Legoland JAPAN will be opened on 1st of April 2017. The countdown has started. 365 days to go! ...
New brochures of Nagoya were released!
Free Wi-Fi is available at Nagoya subway.
We, NCVB hosted [Free Nagoya Castle Tour] for international students studying at Nagoya University on the 1st of November, Sunday. It was the best day of this autumn season!!!They were welcomed by the ‘Nagoya Omotenashi Busyotai (Nagoya Samurai Greeters) special performance, and had anthorough guide from the castle staff members at Honmaru Goten (Honmaru Palace)! ...
Planetarium Temporary Closing Notice
Free Wi-Fi service started inside Me-guru bus!
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