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Nagoya is located right smack dab in the middle of Japan, making it convenient to get to and depart from.

For history buffs, it served as a strategic stage for the three great icons of Japan's Warring States period: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. If it's food you're after, gorge on miso katsu (pork cutlet with a sweet miso sauce), tebasaki (salty, savory chicken wings), hitsumabushi (broiled eel over rice, slathered in a sweet sauce), or other dishes from Nagoya's renowned cuisine—Nagoya Meshi.

From the must-visit tourist locations to secret gems you won't read about in the guidebooks, Nagoya keeps you coming back every time!

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How to get to Nagoya

Located in the middle of Japan, Nagoya is easy to get to from anywhere in Japan.
By train, car, or plane—No matter the method, transportation is a cinch!

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Find tours offering you unforgettable experiences. A whole other Nagoya awaits you off the beaten path!

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