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Festivals and Events Calendar

Osu Street Performing Festival
The Osu Street Performing Festival includes such street performances as saru mawashi (monkey tricks) and banana no tatakiuri (bananas sold the traditional Japanese way) as well as unique performances that include rock music Kabuki and a kinpun show (a show using gold dust). One performance you mustn’t miss the parade of oiran (courtesans) wearing beautiful clothes. If you are a women who is older than 18 years old and the height is more than155 cm, you have a great chance to become a Oiran! The application deadline for the audition to paricipate in the procession of Oiran courtesans is September 20th. Please check the official website for the application guidelines. http://www.shidashi.biz/town/oiran_e.html
Schedule: Saturday, October 11th- Sunday, October 12th
Place: Osu Shopping district

Nagoya Hot News

Nagoya SKY BUS
Aboard an open top double decker sightseeing bus in Nagoya! NAGOYA SKY BUS, the open air double decker bus, will give you a dynamic panoramic view of the Nagoya city including the popular tourist attractions. It will be operated as the 10th anniversary project of Chubu International Airport "Centrair" from September 18th to October 19th.

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