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Yattokame cultural festival

The festival is held to discover and spread Nagoya’s allure to the world, which has a long ...

Schedule:29th of October 2016~20th of November 2016
Place:Oasis 21(Sakae sta.), Nagoya Noh Theater(10 min. walk from Sengencho station), Osu Engeijo theater(5 min. walk from Osu Kannon sta.) and more.

Autumn leave viewing around Nagoya

Autumn tints the trees with bright hues and the season of colorful foliage begins.See particularl...

Schedule:Mid-November to Early December


This event was created to promote Nagoyameshi(speciality food of Nagoya). Ticket of 3000 yen(620 ...

Schedule:1st of October 2016~13th of November 2016
Place:participating restaurants

Walking Through Cultural Path


The area from Nagoya Castle to Tokugawaen is known as the "Cultural Path" (文化のみち / Bunka no ...

12 Attractions of the Nagoya region

Nagoya: a hub for tourism and business where people can enjoy the beauty of Japan's four seasons
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