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Nagoya Castle Summer Night Festival

This festival illustrates the atmosphere of Japanese festivals in the olden days, primarily using...

Place:Nagoya Castle

World Cosplay (Costume Play) Summit

The manga , anime , and console games of Japan are popular all over the world.Every year , fans f...

Place:Osu and Oasis21, Sakae

Nippon Domannaka Festival

The Nippon Domannaka (literally meaning “right in the middle of Japan”) Festival (com...

Schedule:The last weekend in August
Place:Nagoya (Sakae, Osu, Nagoya Station,and other locations)

Free Wi-Fi inside Me~guru (Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus)


Free Wi-Fi service started inside Me-guru bus!

12 Attractions of the Nagoya region

Nagoya: a hub for tourism and business where people can enjoy the beauty of Japan's four seasons
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