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World Cosplay Summit 2024

  • World Cosplay Summit 2024

The World Cosplay Summit 2024, one of the largest cosplay festivals in the world, will be held on August 2nd (Friday), 3rd (Saturday), and 4th (Sunday), 2024. The event will feature various exciting activities, including the World Cosplay Championship, which determines the No.1 cosplayer in the world. Cosplayers who have won regional qualifiers from around the globe will gather in Nagoya for the main event to compete for the top spot.


ตาราง 2/8/2024 ~ 4/8/2024
เวลา August 2nd (Friday): 18:00 - 21:00 (Red Carpet Ceremony: 19:00 - 20:30)
August 3rd (Saturday): 11:00 - 21:00
August 4th (Sunday): 11:00 - 21:00

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change. For the latest information, please check the official World Cosplay Summit website.
สถานที่ Oasis 21
Aichi Arts Center (Main Hall)
Hisaya-odori Park
Osu Shopping Street
ราคา Admission is charged and date-specific.
รายละเอียดราคา **Participation Ticket for Cosplayers**: August 2nd (Friday) - 1,000 yen; August 3rd (Saturday) & August 4th (Sunday) - 3,000 yen/day
**Ticket for Cosplay Changing Room (Including Participation Ticket)**: August 2nd (Friday) - 1,500 yen; August 3rd (Saturday) & August 4th (Sunday) - 3,000-6,000 yen/day (Prices vary by date and venue. For details, please check the official website.)
**Participation Ticket for Photographers**: August 2nd (Friday) - 1,000 yen; August 3rd (Saturday) & August 4th (Sunday) - 3,000 yen/day

* No changes or refunds after purchase.
* If you wish to participate on both Saturday and Sunday, you need to purchase two tickets.
* Each ticket must be exchanged for a participation certificate (WCS goods planned) at the reception.
* Participants with cosplay or camera tickets must check in at Central Park Underground Mall (details will be announced later).
* Participants with cosplay changing room tickets must check in at the designated changing rooms.

You can apply for cosplay and photography participation tickets [here](
ติดต่อ World Cosplay Summit Executive Office
*Please contact us via the inquiry form on the official World Cosplay Summit website.*
การเดินทาง Subway Higashiyama Line and Meijo Line 'Sakae' Station, among others.
Broadcasting niconico / YouTube / Facebook / Twitch / X



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