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Sakae / Fushimi

Wakamiya Festival

This event has ended.
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival
  • Wakamiya Festival

This festival is held at Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine, Sochinju (a general village shrine) in Nagoya as a big annual festival. The Fukurokuju-sha is a float registered as a cultural property and is very valuable in that it carries four wind-up dolls. Shinyotogyo-Dashihoei (a Shinto ritual to carry a portable shrine and a float) was resumed at the 1985 festival. When the procession of floats are brought out and carried through Nagoya, it resembles ancient picture scrolls showing the traditional ritual.

One of the three epic festivals of Nagoya

Considered one of Nagoya's great three festivals, Wakamiya Festival is celebrated at Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine every May 15 and 16. The Fukurokuju Float, built in 1676 and designated a cultural property of Nagoya City, makes an appearance with karakuri mechanized dolls offering wondrous performances via simple yet sophisticated technology.
On the 15th, the float parades around the towns close to the shrine and on the 16th, it goes down Hon-machi Street with a portable shrine to Nagoya Jinja Shrine.

The latest information in available from the social media below:
Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine Facebook page (Japanese)
Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine Instagram page (Japanese)

Spot introduction

Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine

Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine

The enshrined deities of Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine are Emperor Nintoku, Emperor Ojin and Takeuchinosukune, a legendary person who served in Japan's first imperial government. Tokugawa Ieyasu designated the shrine to be the main tutelary deity of Nagoya in 1610. In addition to its regular festivals, the Wakamiya Festival held on May 15-16 every year; the harikuyo festival, a memorial service for dull and broken needles; and other festivals and events are held.
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Schedule Wed, May 15–Thu, May 16, 2024
Venue 3-35-30 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi (Wakamiya Hachimansha Shrine)
Cost Free of charge
Access • 5-min. walk from Yaba-cho Station on the Meijo Subway Station.
• 7-min. walk from Osu Kannon Station on the Tsurumai Subway Station.



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