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About This Site


Copyrights for this website belong to the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau. Please bear the following points in mind when using this website.
The images and contents used on this website may not be reused elsewhere without consent. Additionally, copies may not be made beyond the scope permitted by copyright law.
Even in cases in which copies are made within the scope permitted by copyright law, those copies may not be used for any other purpose, nor may they be altered.
Please be aware that violations of copyright law may result in criminal liability.

Our Linking Policy

As a rule, anyone is free to link to the English-language top page (https://www.nagoya-info.jp/en/) of this website.
If you link to our website, we would like to be notified at senryaku@ncvb.or.jp regarding that website's contents and address, as well as your purpose, your name, contact information, etc.
If your purposes are at odds with those of this website or there is a chance your link will damage the reputation of Nagoya and the Bureau, we may decline the link.
When creating the link, please specify clearly that the link is being made to the Visit Nagoya website.
Please do not create your link in such a way as to display this website inside a frame.
When linking to us, please use a banner as provided below.


Although we have provided a variety of cautions regarding the information printed by the Bureau on this website, these cautions do not in any way provide a guarantee of the completeness, accuracy, recency, usefulness, safety, contents, or quality of that information. Furthermore, be aware in advance that the Bureau bears no responsibility for any outcome that should arise from judgments made or actions taken by users on the basis of the information appearing on this website.
All information appearing on this website always pertains to the time at which it is posted, and once information has appeared on the website, changes to names or reorganization of the information on this website may occur without prior notice. Information appearing on this website may also sometimes differ from actual circumstances due to the passage of time.
The address for this website, including that of the top page, is subject to change without notice. Be aware in advance that the Bureau bears no responsibility for broken links, display errors, or any other effects that may come about due to a change in the address for this website.

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