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Sakae / Fushimi

Tebasaki Summit® NINE

This event has ended.
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Approximately 20 stores from all over the country gather, and the winner of a tebasaki (chicken wing)-eating contest's grand prize is chosen by all.
*Held even in rainy weather

Tebasaki, or chicken wings, are Nagoya's famous local specialty. They are deep fried once at a low heat and again at a high heat, and flavored with a sweet and spicy sauce, pepper, or other seasonings. With a soft inside and crunchy outside, they are outstanding with beer.


Schedule Jun 2,2023 ~ Jun 4,2023
Venue Hisaya-Odori Park
Contact Tebasaki Summit
TEL +81-50-3385-2387
Access Sakae Station on the Meijo and Higashiyama subway lines
Sakaemachi Station on the Meitetsu Line



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