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Wander Gourmet

This event has ended.
  • Wander Gourmet in Endoji Shopping Street

Held for the second year in a row, Wander Gourmet is an event where you can enjoy eating local food while walking around and encountering history and culture in Endoji Shopping Street, where a nostalgic business district remains.

19 of Endoji Shopping Street's Long-Established Shops Have Started Offering "City Walk Gourmet Food"

This year 19 restaurants are offering gourmet food that you can hold in one hand and enjoy while walking around the neighborhood.


Schedule Oct 23,2021 ~ Nov 30,2021
Venue Sold at participating stores (19 stores total) along Endoji Shopping Street (1-6-16 Nagono, Nishi-Ward, Nagoya City)
Cost Varies depending on the store
Contact Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Commercial Exchange Division
Distribution, Sightseeing, and Town Planning Unit
Contact: Kono
TEL 052-223-5732



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