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Nagoya Station, Sakae / Fushimi

Nagoya Festival

This event has ended.
  • Nagoya Festival

Nagoya Festival is the biggest autumn event in Nagoya. It includes a parade with more than 700 participants, some of whom play the roles of local heroes, including the three national heroes—Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu—and bears a remarkable resemblance to a picture scroll from those days. Various events, such as dances and concerts, are performed in and around Hisaya-Odori Park, while other fun events take place all around the city of Nagoya.


Schedule City Parade: From Nagoya Station to Yabacho (Saturday Oct/21), From Nagoya City Hall to Yabacho (Sunday Oct/22)
Venues: Hisaya-odori Park, Oasis 21, Nagoya Castle, and others.
Venue Nagoya
Contact Nagoya Festival Promotion Association
TEL +81-52-972-7611
FAX +81-52-972-4200


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