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Osu / Kanayama

Suzuya Akamon

  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon
  • uzuya Akamon

Located at the traffic light north of Osu Akamon, this long-standing Western-style restaurant was established in 1947.
Their signature dish, "Tonkatsu," is called "Suzu-ya Style." It features homemade breadcrumbs with a finer texture than usual and is slightly toasted to achieve a crispy texture and a delightful fragrance in the coating.
In addition to their tonkatsu, the menu is rich with offerings like crab cream croquettes and beef stew. The restaurant is popular has regular customers who visit daily.
The authentic dishes unique to this venerable Western-style eatery have been inherited from renowned chef Mr. Fukushima, who served as a chef at establishments like the Imperial Hotel. These recipes continue to be cherished by customers just as they have been, preserving the traditions of this long-standing establishment.



Address Osu ・Kanayama
Area Osu / Kanayama



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