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Southern Area

ZAUO -Fishing Restaurant- Hoshizaki Branch

  • ZAUO -Fishing Restaurant- Hoshizaki Branch
  • ZAUO -Fishing Restaurant- Hoshizaki Branch

Entering the shop, you will be surprised with an amazing view of big boat and Ikesu (fish tank)! You can enjoy fishing there(red sea bream, Japanese flounder, spiny lobster etc )and the chef will cook some fish you got on site! If you are succeed in catching a fish, you will be entertained with a cheer of the staff and the booming sound of Japanese drum!

Red sea bream served alive

Red sea bream served alive

Fresh fish is surprisingly good.
Enjoy crunchy texture!
Fish you caught by yourself tastes better!

Calamari served alive

Our specialty. One bite and you will find them amazingly tastey
and feel natural sweetness.
Masterpiece. Available only when we have stock.

Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Don’t miss this fish-heavy bowl.
Tuna, salmon, great amberjack, scallop, shrimp and more!

Parking Lot


Address 〒457-0064
1-37 Hoshizaki Minami-ku Nagoya
Area Southern Area
TEL 81-52-825-1343
FAX 81-52-825-1147
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 17:00~24:00[L.O.23:00]、
Sat 11:30~24:00[L.O.23:00]、
Sun and Holiday 11:30~23:00[L.O.22:00]
Parking 70



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