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Northern Area


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  • Ryusenji
  • Ryusenji
  • Ryusenji
  • Ryusenji
  • Ryusenji
  • Ryusenji

Ryusenji Temple is a noted temple called the inner shrine of Atsuta Jingu and has the name of Shoutouzan. Denkyo-daishi (a great teacher of Buddhism) is said to be the founder of this temple. Niomon (Deva Gate) and a wooden statue of Jizobosatsu (the guardian deity of travelers and children) are designated as important cultural properties. In addition, the temple houses several hundreds of Buddhist statues including Batokannon (an image of Kannon which has a human body with the head of a horse) carved by Enku. Shops dealing in hobbyhorses operate on Setsubun (February 3).

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Address 〒463-0801
1-902 Ryusenji, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya
Area Northern Area
TEL +81-52-794-3647(Inquiries in English not accepted)
FAX +81-52-791-3479(Inquiries in English not accepted)
Opening Hours Open for pilgrims at any time
Regular Holiday Open year round
Parking 30 passenger car parking spaces

*Posted contents subject to change.
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