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Northern Area

Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum

  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum
  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum
  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum
  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum
  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum
  • Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum

Approximately 200 tumuli were constructed in Nagoya with a third of them (66) confirmed in Kamishidami, Moriyama-ku; and seven--known as the Shidami Kofungun (Shidami Tumulus Group)--are designated national historic landmarks.
The Shidami Kofungun occupies a narrow range of 1.7 km from east to west and 1 km from north to south, consists of tumuli built from the beginning of the Kofun (tumulus) period to its end, and is one of the rarest clusters of tumuli in all of Japan. The Shidami Kofungun Historical Area has been maintained to preserve the tumuli.
The Shidami Kofungun Historical Area is something like a true-to-life encyclopedia in which you can actually walk around tumuli seeing their various characteristics and differences by the period they were built such as shape and size.

The Shidami Kofungun Experience Museum (known as "SHIDAMU" for short) opens in the Shidami Kofungun Historical Area on April 1, 2019. The hands-on establishment offers exhibits of burial goods and clay sculptures unearthed from the Shidami Kofungun, as well as ancient interactive activities letting you experience the Kofun period such as dressing up in the clothing of the time, making magatama beads, and building fire. You can also go out to see actual tumuli together with a guide, and install the Go! Go! Shidami Kofungun smartphone app to go back in time to the Kofun period with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) functions. The inside of the museum also offers the Kodomo Kofun kids' space where small children can become familiar with tumuli, and a cafe/restaurant in addition to the exhibition room and hands-on areas.

Accessible Toilet Parking Lot Restaurant Free WiFi Toilet Souvenir Shop Lactation Room


Address 〒463-0001
1367 Maeyama Kamishidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya
Area Northern Area
Access By car: Approximately 3 km from the Tomei Expressway Moriyama Smart Interchange
By train: 25-minute walk from Kozoji Station on the JR Chuo line
(When using a city bus from Kozoji Station)
• 8-minute walk from Shintogoku-bashi Minami bus stop on Nagoya's guideway Yutorito Bus line.
• 1-minute walk from the Kattezuka city bus stop
TEL +81-52-739-0520(Inquiries in English not accepted)
FAX +81-52-739-0524(Inquiries in English not accepted)
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00 (Last admission to exhibition room at 16:30)
*8:00~17:00 for the cafe/restaurant area (May vary by season)
Regular Holiday Mondays (or the following weekday if a national holiday) and the year-end/new year holiday
*Tumuli and parks can be visited at any time.
Cost Free admission
●200 yen for admission to the exhibition room (free for jr. high school students and younger)
●Fees may or may not apply to hands-on programs
Parking 101 parking spaces for standard vehicles and 4 parking spaces for large-sized buses
Parking fees: Normally free (Paid parking for events only: 300 yen for standard vehicles and 1,200 yen for large-sized buses)
Usage hours: 8:45~17:15 *Parking available on Mondays too.



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