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Tombe Shrine

  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine
  • Tombe Shrine

Located in Nagoya city, is the only National Important Cultural Property among the shrines in the city. Its history dates back to the 8th year of the Keicho era (1603) when it was transferred from Tsushima Shrine in Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture.
In the 11th year of the Keicho era (1606), Matsudaira Tadayoshi (the fourth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu) prayed for recovery from illness and miraculously regained his health. To express his gratitude for this divine favor, the main hall, along with the worship hall, festival hall, and corridor, were donated to the shrine.
During the Edo period, the Owari Domain annually donated 100 koku of rice to the shrine as part of their support. The shrine's maintenance and repairs were also carried out by the domain's lord.
The main hall, a representative example of Momoyama architecture, has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property, while the festival hall, corridor, and a float dating back to the 12th year of the Kyoho era (1727) have been designated as tangible cultural properties by the city of Nagoya.
For approximately 400 years, the dedicated service of the Tombe Shrine has made it a beloved gathering place and a protective deity for the local community, maintaining its scenic beauty throughout the changing seasons. It continues to garner the devotion and faith of the people.


Address Nagoya City, 4-13-38 Yotsugi, Minami-ku
Area Southern Area



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