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Outside of Nagoya

Cormorant Fishing (Kiso River)

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  • Cormorant Fishing (Kiso River)
  • Cormorant Fishing (Kiso River)

Kiso River Ukai Cormorant Fishing is said to have begun 1,300 years ago. You can see the boats and techniques of the cormorant fishermen up close as they float down the river at night, making the river's surface glow red in the torchlight, with the National Treasure Inuyama Castle behind them.

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Address 〒484-0081
2 Aza Kitahakusanbira, Oaza Inuyama, Inuyama
Area Outside of Nagoya
TEL +81-568-61-0057
FAX +81-568-61-6126
Opening Hours 6:00~21:15
5:30~19:45(From September)
Regular Holiday Open: May 11 - October 15
Parking 25 passenger car parking spaces

*Posted contents subject to change.
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