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Southern Area

Kozuka Family Residence (Arimatsu)

  • Kozuka Family Residence (Arimatsu)
  • Kozuka Family Residence (Arimatsu)

A designated cultural property of Nagoya. Important townscape building. The House of Kozuka was built after the great fire of Tenmei occurred in Nagoya in 1784. The house consists of one main house, two storehouses, and one tea ceremony room. The following architectural styles are remarkably well preserved: renjikoshi, a kind of lattice window; namakokabe, a wall with square tiles jointed with raised plaster; mushikomado, a type of window containing lattice like an insect cage; nurigome-zukuri, a process used to build a fire-resistant wall; and udatsu, a short pillar set on a beam to support a ridgepole. A ring to tie horses that remains on the outer pillar recalls to mind the old days.

Bus Boarding Restaurant


Address 〒458-0924
Arimatsu, Midori Ward, Nagoya City
Area Southern Area
Parking Parking lot for regular cars



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