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Southern Area

Kasadera Kannon

  • Kasadera Kannon
  • Kasadera Kannon

A Shingon Sect temple. Also known as Tenrinzan Ryufukuji Temple. In 733, during the reign of Emperor Shomu, a Buddhist priest named Zenko Shonin found a piece of driftwood on Yobitsugi beach and carved it into an 11-faced Kannon statue. The statue was enshrined at this temple, which was called Komatsudera Temple at the time. On the temple site are Harusamezuka and Kasadera-Chidorizuka, which are sites connected with Basho, and a monument to Miyamoto Musashi.

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Address 〒457-0051
83 Kasadera-joshin-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya
Area Southern Area
TEL +81-52-821-1367
Opening Hours 8:00~16:00 (for receiving written talismans and good luck charms, or receiving the official stamp)
Regular Holiday Open year round
Parking 15 passenger car parking spaces



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