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Southern Area

Arimatsu dashi float Hall

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  • Arimatsu dashi float Hall
  • Arimatsu dashi float Hall

The hall displays three floats of Arimatsu (Hoteisha, Karakosha, and Jingukogosha) alternately, one each year, and introduces the area's festival culture. Just as the townscape has kept its calm Edo period charm over the last 400 years since the Keicho era, these floats are also important historical artifacts that are still in use today. Anyone can participate in pulling the floats during the annual fall festival on the first Sunday of October. Please come and visit!

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Address 〒458-0458
2338 Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya
Area Southern Area
Access Meitetsu Nagoya-line "Arimatsu"
TEL +81-52-621-3000
FAX +81-52-621-6051
Opening Hours 10:00~16:00
Regular Holiday Monday - Friday (*Open on Saturdays, Sundays, public or substitute holidays and for group reservations.)
Year-end holidays and New Year Holidays
Cost Adults: 200yen High school students: 100yen
Jr. high school students and younger: Free

*Posted contents subject to change.
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